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Motilium is usually available as 10 mg film-coated tablets. You need to take the tablet to control nausea and vomiting, and if the single dose does not help, you can take another (20 mg) but no more than 30 mg per day. As for generic domperidone and breastfeeding, the safety of this drug has not been established and studied sufficiently to say with confidence it's not going to harm an unborn child. Domperidone FDA category is unknown, which means you must consult with your doctor before taking it if pregnant or planning to get pregnant.


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Many patients choosing to order domperidone without prescription in New Zealand wonder if it makes sense to look for an online pharmacy working locally or go for an international one. The truth is, all online pharmacies offering to purchase Motilium online with no prescription operate from counties like India and Philippines, because regulations in those countries allow them to keep their costs to the minimum. Which is how you get a chance to save so much money buying prescription domperidone without a prescription.


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Whether you purchased domperidone in Australia or ordered your domperidone in UK, you are usually getting the generic version of this efficient medicine. How efficient is a generic drug like that? The most important thing to remember is that you should only order domperidone with no prescription at a pharmacy you can trust. As long as this is true, you can count on your generic medicine being made by a licensed manufacturer and therefore identical in its effects to the brand name alternative. The reliable pharmacy below is the one you can come back to again and again for quality domperidone online without prescription any time you need.